"Attending Word Performances is something akin to finding yourself inside a marvelous Literary Carnival where a cavalcade of uber-talented players delight, amuse, enlighten, play, sing, dance, revel; add in the lovely intimacy of The Lost Church with its Lynchian burlesque charm to the evening’s fun and you have a perfect backdrop for the broad array of deep talent ..." 
Review on Litseen
Word Performances is a series of poetry, prose, comedy, and memoir where words are the lead, dance is featured, 
and music makes a cameo.

Produced and Curated by 
Cybele Zufolo Siegel & Todd Siegel

Our Beast Crawl show will feature 
actress Tina D’Elia, novelist
Sabrina Seidner, writer & performer Zarina Zabrisky, poet Jeremiah Walton,  opera singer Nikola Printz,
violinist Autumn Turley,
wordsmith Todd Siegel, with writer & performer Cybele Zufolo Siegel. 
Doug Cordell

Jeremiah Walton 
is a 20 y/o poet from New Hampshire who has been bopping around the country the past two years.  He featured at the 2013/14/15 NYC Poetry Festivals, Snoetry 2014, and Beast Crawl 2015.  Jeremiah is founder of traveling pop-up bookstore, Books & Shovels, and small press Nostrovia! Poetry.  He stays up late talking to the moon.  The desert is his home.
Doug Cordell

Tina D'Elia 
is an actor, writer, acting coach, and consultant. Tina had a successful three-week-run of her one-woman-show: The Rita Hayworth of this Generation at Shotwell Studios in San Francisco directed by Mary Guzmán and featured at Monday Night Marsh, David Ford’s Solo Performance class and The Air Space Residency Program which performed at the National Queer Arts Festival.
Doug Cordell

Nikola Printz 
Nikola Printz is an opera singer with the San Jose Opera singing title roles in Carmen, Nozze di Figaro, Falstaff and cabaret at Viracocha and Yoshi’s. Nikola was chosen to sing with the Han Yu orchestra in China. She recently sang with the San Francisco Conservatory Baroque Orchestra.

Zarina Zabrisky
is the author of five books, including a novel "We, Monsters" and a short story collection "Explosion", forthcoming in 2015 from Epic Rites Press (Canada). Zabrisky's work appeared in six countries. Guernica Magazine called her writing "unapologetic and visceral."
Doug Cordell

Sabrina Seidner 
As a graduate of Bryn Mawr college, I have a long standing love of books, writers and women who love to read and discuss literature of all sorts. I have always wanted to write my own book, and am thrilled to finally achieve that goal. My first novel, "The Scent of Roses, Book I: Revolution" is published on Amazon and featured in Kirkus Reviews
is the author of Ocean Sounds in New York a collection of poetry, essays and
non-fiction prose about dance, love, and performance and Dancer Girl: I Remember the NYC Ballet: Poems and Prose on Dance and Performance, She holds an MA from Columbia University, is a National Endowment for the Humanities grant recipient, former dancer with the New York City Ballet and has appeared in films, plays and voice overs. Cybele is the
co-founder of Word Performances.

Autumn Turely
is from Magic Land.  She currently exists as a Violinist, Massage Practitioner, Contact Improv facilitator, and Poet.  She primarily triangulates between her home bases of Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Angwin, CA.  Her personal projects include playing electric violin in Santa Cruz-based experimental music project Of Dust and Dreams, performing massage at dance events, farmers markets, festivals, and other public spaces, helping run Zana Dance in Santa Cruz, writing the sequel to her poetry book, Ashes, and working as an administrative assistant for Hawk and Horse Vineyards in Lower Lake, CA, and developing her creative project, I Am We.  She has passions for NetWorking, growth, helping people discover and actualize their dreams, going on adventures, sharing art and healing and movement, creative collaborative projects, community-building, Spiritual Practice, and the ocean.


Todd Siegel
crafts and performs idea satire poetry,
and was called "the e e cummings of
San Francisco tech culture" by
Joel Landmine at Identity Crisis III.
He co-produces the Word Performances series with his infinitely lovely wife Cybele. In perpendicular, Todd designs and prototypes user experiences and serves as a wordsmith for startups. He's represented by 10x Management, and was recently interviewed in The New Yorker about such things.

Previous Shows

Green Lions with Word Performances  
at The Great Star Theatre:

Featuring surreal poetry, operatic jazz, dance memoir, classical strings, and startup satire. This show pushes experimental literary theater to a new level.

Brynn Saito, Jon Siegel, Chiwan Choi,
Paul Corman-Roberts, Lora Libby,  
Zarina Zabrisky, Simon Rogghe,
Cybele Zufolo Siegel,  Megs Rutigliano,
AF & The Shadow Bunnies,
Steven Gray, Edie Eve, Todd Siegel,
Yanina Gotsulsky, Sarah Page,
Gillian Eichenberger,
and The Amethyst Trio

LITCRAWL 2014 at The Incline Gallery:

Novelist Alvin Orloff, poet laureate Sarah Kobrinsky, Zarina Zabrisky & Simon Rogghe - a literary collaboration, opera singer Nikola Printz, Andres Vera on cello, wordsmith Todd Siegel, and performer Cybele Zufolo Siegel

APRIL 2014 SHOW at The Lost Church:

Jon Siegel, spoken word artist, writer, and leader of Viracocha. Ginger Murray,
editor-in-chief of Whore! magazine; storyteller. Brynn Saito, author, winner of the Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award. 
John Panzer, writer, scholar; former race car driver, formerly homeless. Tina D'Elia, writer; actor, coach; The Rita Hayworth of this generation.Tomas Moniz, storyteller & songwriter; founder & editor, Rad Dad. 
Todd Siegel, wordsmith and ideator. 
Cybele Zufolo Siegel, poet, writer and performer. 

And very special guests,
The Mark Growden Quartet

JANUARY 2014 SHOW at The Lost Church:  

Nato Green, voted best comedian by SF Weekly, and writer of FX's Totally Biased TV show. Sylvie Simmons, rock journalist and New York Times best selling author of: I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen. Zahra Noorbakhsh, acclaimed comedian, and story-teller. 
Tim Toaster Henderson, Litquake's Spoken Word Grand Slam Champion. Doug Cordell, Emmy nominated writer and NPR contributor. Zarina Zabrisky, writer, poet and author of novels, Iron and We, Monsters. Simon Rogghe, French poet and scholar. Claire Zager,  storyteller and songwriter. Todd Siegel, wordsmith and ideator. Cybele Zufolo Siegel, poet, writer and performer. Miss Erma Kyriakos, jazz chanteuse and cellist Andres Vera.

and surprise guest Joshua Mohr, author of Fight Song, Damascus and Termite Parade.